Manicure Monday : Kermit Nails

Hi Guys ! it is a great Monday Morning because today is My Birthday  !!! Yaay!! Anyhoo , did any of you happen to catch the Muppets movie that premiered last year? Well O.P.I did a special little collection in light of the movie , called "UNFROGETTABLE COLOURS". In this collection, there are 12 colours. There are 6 Glitters and 6 Reds and Neutrals. The signature colour is "Fresh Frog of Bel Air". This is from the Glitters section. This is a mixture of a light and darker green ( pretty much like Kermit) in the same bottle and its really pretty. Trust me! Green is my least favorite colour.

The best part is ... you get to try it on a :)))) For my American readers , it is available at Professional Salons , including Select Beauty Brands , JC Penny, Pure Beauty , Trade Secret and Ultra. For my fellow Jamaicans , it is available at most Beauty Supplies and all high end pharmacies such as Manor Park Pharmacy  , Lees Pharmacy and Monarch Pharmacy.

I hope that i have encouraged at least ONE person to go out and be creative. Above all , be confident :-))

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:-)))))

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