Behind the Seams : Keshon Hawthorne

"Behind the Seams" is a new feature that will highlight people related to the Fashion and Entertainment Industry.

As soon as I saw the "Mission Catwalk" photos on Facebook, i was so excited. I'm so excited that Jamaica finally has a show of this magnitude and that it will be a launching pad for talented new designers. There was one person who stood out to me the most from all those pictures. This person's style was just soo auh mazing that i just had to reach out to him as soon as possible. Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams " with up and coming designer Keshon Hawthorne.

H.P: How did you get started in fashion design?
K.H: I got started in fashion designing from high school and then i went to Garmex HEART/NTA Academy to expand my knowledge.
H.P : How would you describe /define your style?
K.H: My sense of style is bold, showstopping, look at me ( points to self and smile ) and edgy but yet chic and classic .
H.P : What do you most enjoy about fashion designing?
K.H :What I enjoy most about fashion designing is that i can express myself as creative person and think out of box to enhance garments for people ( big smile).
H.P : What is the most challenging experience you've come across in fashion designing?
K.H :My most challenging experience in the fashion designing is going on Mission Catwalk because i have to think about the design, type of fabric suitable for my design, how to execute it and also hair and make up all in one day.
H.P : Who are some of your favorite designers ... local and international?
K.H :Local- Keneea Linton-George and Bill Edward, International- Betsey Johnson, Micheal Kors, Marco Jacob, Versace, Christian Sirano, Kevin O'Brien and Donovan Depass.
H.P :What inspires you?
K.H :My Mother inspires me a lot because she was a teenage parent who gave up a lot of stuff just to make me feel comfortable in life, so it Motivates and strengthens me to conquer the world by storm.
H.P : What other skills are important in fashion design?
K.H :Marketing, Branding, styling and Networking.
H.P : Do you think Jamaicans have "revolved " their sense of style? Or do you think there is still a sense of the "uniform" trend .( meaning everybody basically wears the same styles at the same time.)
K.H :YES !!!!!! It has revolved. But some Jamaican people tend to be drawn to the uniformed styles while some persons have their personal Fashion Designer who can customize their garment.
H.P : How can Jamaica benefit from a show like "Mission Catwalk"?
K.H : Jamaica benefits from a show like Mission Catwalk because it gives young fashion designer an opportunity to expose their skill and talent to the World (Local and International).

H.P : Finish the sentence .. " I can't live without my .......
K:H : Glue gun and Glum Stick ...................

H.P : Any words of advice for young and upcoming designers?
K.H : Learn , Live, and Breath the Fashion Industry>Have personality and be focused
> The keyword is RESEARCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out Keshon Hawthorne on Mission Catwalk on TVJ in March :-)


  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    This is it boy!!!! All that youve longed for..... Keep your dream alive! One love

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    SALUTE!!!! my friend, keep up the dream soldier lol

  3. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Awww, am so proud of you keep it up!!!!

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