Wacky Wednesday!

Hi Guys! Wacky Wednesday is another new feature of my blog, where i basically highlight trends that are straight up wack!! In the spirit of the new year ... i decided to take a look back at some of the crazy trends that emerged in 2011 , both locally and internationally.

Crazy Hair Colors


The Pinks , PURPLES ( omg that still annoys me) and the "Rihanna Red". This year , especially for Summer and Christmas everybody had at least a streak of red.


A vajazzle is a "temporary" diamond tattoo for your "va jay jay:-) . I honestly can't say "every female had one". But it was crazy and it came about in 2011

Printed Nails

I saw some crazy things on nails last year ranging from plaid to animal print , and i even saw an argyle one once ( russel simmons would be proud).

Unusual Eyeliner

I'm guilty of this crime :-( i bought eyeliners in green, purple and a shimmery gold, i think they are really pretty)

Super Long Extensions

I'm talking from '16-24 ' extensions.



These emerged in countries other than England somewhere after the "Royal Wedding".

G-Shock Watches

Guilty again ... i bought a black one , simply because its digital and its super easy to read.

I am sure there are waaaaaaaaaaay more "crazy trends" that emerged in 2011 , but these are the ones i remember actually seeing. What crazy trend do you remember? And are you guilty of any of them?

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