Red Tails Land In Jamaica

Secrets Resort , Ne-Yo Compound Island as well as Telecommunications giant Digicel Jamaica , was proud to be the sponsors of the regional preview of Red Tails in Jamaica's second Montego Bay. It is said that this is to coincide with the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival In Greenfield Stadium, Trelawny. The movie was produced by George Lucas , and has big names such as Cuba Gooding Jr, Ne-Yo,and Tristan Wilds. The premise of this movie was of the Tuskegee Airmen which was an all Black World War11 Fighter Pilot Squad , which not only combated their enemies , but also blatant racism from the U.S Air-force itself.  Believe it or not , this is actually an important area of Caribbean History because some of the Tuskegee Airmen came from the Caribbean , which includes Islands such as Barbados, Haiti, Jamaica , The Bahamas and the U.S Virgin Islands.  This movie could not have been released at a better time with Black History Month literally just around the corner. This will be a time for predominately Black societies to reflect and give thanks for the simple things we have because of the sacrifices made by our predecessors. Check out the pictures shown below.

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