Manicure Mondays :Tuxedo Nails

Hi Guys ! Happy Monday. I was looking at Kendall' Jenners' Instagram pictures and saw her with the most sophisticated looking nails ever.These shall be dubbed as "Tuxedo Nails". This stems from "The Dandy Girl" look , ( see my post on that). Please check out this simple "how to guide" below , as well as these pictures.

  1. Use a white nail polish as the base coat to paint your nails.
  2. Use a black nail art pen to draw either a straight line at the end of your nail ( think tips) . Or, in the middle of that line, draw what seems like the top part of an inverted triangle.
  3. Using the same black Nail Art Pen, draw 3 dots in the centre of the nails ( these will be the buttons) , then draw a small bow tie.
  4. To finish off this look , you may add a clear or glittery top coat.
  5. Wear with your favorite outfit and be FIERCE:-))

I hope i have inspired at least ONE person to go out and be creative :-)

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