Manicure Monday!! Tribal Nails

Hi Guys!! Happy Monday!! So , if you are one of those people who follow the trends , you would have noticed a lot of "ethnic" or "tribal" looking prints. Tribal prints are everywhere!!! They are even on nails.  For this season , fashion took an exotic turn all the way back to African/Tribal roots. This new trend consists of bright bold prints mixed with electrifying colours such as pinks , yellows and even oranges There are also interesting earth tones, such as browns , blacks and the deep reds.  Because the prints are so .. strong , they work well with any outfit. However , it would be best for you to stick to solid colours instead of other prints .. unless you are bo-bo the clown .. then  you can always wear both :-)  This hot new nail trend is shown in the pictures below.

 Earth tone ( black mixed with white)

Pink and Yellow ( think 80s)

Multi- color ( combination of all the colors mentioned above)

I really hope this has encouraged at least ONE person to go out and be creative and try this hot new trend :-)

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