A little PEPlum talk

Hi Guys! I am sure most of you ladies have been noticing a really unique trend where it seems like the bottom part of a skirt was taken off and sewn onto a dress or top. Well that "thing" is actually called a PEPLUM. A Peplum is a flare or ruffle attached to the waistline of a dress or jacket or even a blouse. Believe it or not , the Peplum dates as far back as the Elizabethan Era and the 1980s.


 As i always say "Fashion is pretty much like history , it always repeats itself". The things we are seeing today already existed in several lifetimes before ... they have simply been "tweaked" to fit the specific time.

I know most of you might be bold enough to try this trend , while there are some of you who are a bit more .. skeptic. So , for my "non-believers" , here are a few tips to consider when choosing what version of the Peplum you want to wear.

  1.  Choose a shorter version . You seriously don't wanna look like Queen Elizabeth in the 1400s in this day and age .. and in Jamaica!!! A shorter version will just look more modern.
  2. Avoid those crazy patterns : Stay away from floral and those weird optical illusions looking patterns.
  3. Go towards the ones that have a flare , rather than the ones that have ruffles. In my opinion , ruffles on the peplum looks a tad tacky.

Most of all , when wearing any trend , make sure it fits your body type. Above all .... be CONFIDENT :-)

I hope my post have encouraged at least ONE person to go out and be creative today to try this trend.

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