Hot Pants!!

"Hot Pants , hey hot pants,
 "Hot Pants smokin' that hot pants ....
"My fever keeps growin' Girl you're blowin' my mind- James Brown ,"Hot Pants".

Just last month , I was browsing through Forever 21 and Wetseal and realized that Hot Pants had somehow made a comeback. For my fellow Jamaicans Hot Pants are quite similar to what we call " B.RIDER". Hot pants came on the scene in Giuseppe De Santis' film "Bitter Rice" in 1949. These were worn by 19 year old actress Silvana Mangano , where her style was dubbed as "a Supreme embodiment of Sensuality". At that time no one could have anticipated that Hot Pants would become a craze, first for the "Hippie Generation", and later "The Punks". In 2012 , as Hot Pants entered the new year , not only did they become more stylish , but also shorter. Hot Pants came to symbolize youth at its most irrepressible, whether worn with a smart and serious blazer ( think Eva Longoria on David Letterman) or peeping through a long blouse. Check out the pictures below.

Silvana Mangara ( Middle) "Bitter Rice" ,1949

Eva Longoria , "David Letterman Show " , 2012

Hot pants have come a loooong way , from Jodie Foster' teenage prostitute in "Taxi Driver" to Jessica Szohr in Gossip Girl 2009.

Jodie Foster "Taxi Driver", 1976

Jessica Szohr ,"Gossip Girl" , 2009

 Do you wear Hot Pants?

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