Hills Star Pregnant?

Former Hills Star Kristin Cavallari has officially confirmed ( even though it was quite obvious ) that she is pregnant with her first child with her on- again, off- again fiance' Jay Cutler.The couple expressed how thrilled they were to be adding a new bundle of joy to their crazy .. err happy little family :-) Now, the couple broke up in July of last year and also broke off the engagement , then they got back together in November when Jay showed up to support her at "Dancing with the Stars) and the wedding was suddenly back on. According to Kristin , " sometimes things work out better with a person if you end things , or take a break... momentarily. She also expressed how enthused she was for her new "project" . When i heard that , i was like " how can you refer to your baby as a "project" . Maybe some of those crazy crystals that Spencer had hit her in the head. Anyhoo , according to People Magazine , the couple have decided to move to Tennessee to raise their child.  "The Hills : Tennessee Bliss" maybe ? let's watch and see.

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