Highlights from the Golden Globe Awards

Its January and "Awards Season" has officially began. Last night i watched the Golden Globe Awards on the Red Carpet on E! and i just wanted to share some of my favourite looks ... and also some i didn't really fancy.

This was my favorite look of all the auh mazing dresses i saw.  I liked the fit , loved the color and i especially loved the hair , earrings and make-up. A++


This picture does not do this dress justice. I loooooooooved the detail and i loooooooved the fit.  A+


Miss "Diet Pepsi" sizzled in this hot little number. I loved the fish tail. It kinda remains me of that scene in "The Devils Advocate"  when that painting came alive that was in Al Pacino's office. It was a good look.   A


This is living proof that you CAN look good after TWO kids. The dress is banging , body is banging. Above all , i loved the confidence she exuded when she was being interviewed.     A


Maria looked "Exxtra" good in this yellow dress. It was a bold move not sticking to the "safe" colours for the night , but it works.


Now that's a stylish pooch :-) . "Steal that bow tie".


 "My heart will go on" after seeing Leonardo Di Caprio in this Armani Suit. Hes quite a dashing fellow :-)

Sexy Body White Man!!! Ummm ... Adam Levine looked ... "srumdelicious" in his suit ... i was seriously considering cropping his band mate out of this pic ... sorry dude..


"TOE UP FROM THE FLOOR UP" Literally ... what is up with that freaky baby toe hanging out her shoe? One would think that the newly engaged Jessical Biel would take a page from her Fiance's book and bring some "Sexy" to the red carpet. Maybe if she wore her ring and brought her UBER SEXY  fiance' we would be distracted from that monstrosity of a dress.
Jody Foster should have locked herself in "The Situation Room" with this one. The dress was too short , the fit was off .. and black shoes .... "no sah"

There was nothing GLEEful about this dress ... in my opinion .. i don't know if it was the colour , the hair or the make -up , but i thought she looked really old.

"Pretty Girl ...not so pretty dress". I love "buffy" , but do i love her in this dress? Not so much
Disclaimer : These photos are the sole property of OMG! by Yahoo. The views expressed in this post are my own.

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