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I was watching an episode of  "Jerseylicious" on Sunday and i was actually inspired to write something about beauty because there are so many different perceptions of beauty. " Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder" . The simply means beauty differs in each person's eyes. On the episode of "Jerseylicious" , Olivia and Tracy was given an opportunity to go to the city to learn tips from world renowned hair stylist Warren Tricome'( that guy Tyra Banks always talks about) . However , this was more of an intervention to get the girls to "turn- down" their looks. After the "make under" i think they looked really auh mazing , because you could actually "see their faces". The girls however explained that In Jersey , the more make up , jewellery and hair extensions you wear , the more beautiful you are. As i said beauty differs in each territory. So i just came up with the six talked about types of beauty around the world.


In India , a woman is considered to be beautiful ONLY if she is fair skinned. Meaning the lighter she was , the better it was for her to find a husband. Apparently, finding a rich husband for young girls is a big thing. I remember watching an episode of "Tyra " where a mother used skin lightening creams to alter her daughters skin because she wanted them to "marry rich" . Would you believe that Skin Lightening creams sell more than Coca Cola in India? Sad but true.


I decided to say Asian because i wanted it to include all of Asia and not just China . So in Asia , beauty is to be fair and pale skinned . Ever wonder why Asians have to be "so pale?" , now you know .  They prefer to be as natural as possible , not using any form of sun tan lotions and tanning beds like the girls on Jerseylicious. On Tyra again, This beautiful Asian  model was on. After several years of life in New York, she decided to return to her home in Malaysia , so one day , she went to a store and asked a sales clerk for some tanning lotion , the poor sales clerk looked at her in shock ... as if to say if she was crazy or that she had just committed some form of


Do you remember watching "PHAT GIRLS" with Monique ? Remember the part when they went to Africa , and everyone thought the slim girl was like sick and regarded the fat girls as queens?  First of all guys , Africa is not just one big country where all the black people are . It is a continent made up of different countries . I am making reference to the parts of Africa that is a predominately "black society".Well, in Africa, women who have a little more meat on their bones are regarded as Queens. It is even a sign of wealth. Men will literally kill each other to marry these women , and when they do , they invest in feeding them , because they see this as a sign of fertility. The more meat a woman has on her bones, the healthier her children will be.


Yes , this is an actual Jamaican woman , its Tina Ingram, she was in Miss Jamaica , 2007 i think ( don't quote me on this  In Jamaica , men will flock women who have wider hips , large breasts and ample bottom ( "plenti bumpa) . I even remember this weird obsession with women buying what is known in Jamaica as "Fowl Pill". This is actually chicken food. Think of a hen .. they way the breasts are always fuller and perky and the way the bottom is always just "up in the air" and full . The bigger your ass is .. the better it is for you .lol


By Latin i mean "Spanish speaking women who reside in South America or who has Spanish roots". I was watching an episode of "Hater", where this guy was saying he hates Eva Longoria because she is not a real "Latin woman" because she does not speak Spanish , she is skinny as hell , and her ass is flat In these parts , a true beautiful Latin woman is one who speaks fluent Spanish , she is curvaceous and she has a  larger ass .. like J.lo. This is kinda similar to the Jamaican perception of beauty except for the Spanish part right?


Simply put , Americans consider beauty as a super skinny woman with long legs and large breasts. Women spend billions of dollars on plastic surgery alone  each year, to fit into society's' perception of beauty.

As I've mentioned before "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" because beauty differed in each culture. What is considered beautiful in one culture may be frowned upon in another. "Just love yourself and you're set .. you're on the right track because you were born that way " . Most of all "Don't be a drag .. just be a Queen".

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