4 Fashion Risks Worth Taking in 2012

Hi Guys! Its Tuesday , the second day of the new year :-) Today i want to talk to you about Four Fashion risks worth taking for the new year. As i always say " anyone can wear clothes ... but its takes a significant amount of confidence to pull together a "look". With that in mind , here are my top four fashion risks worth taking :

Printed Pants

I've noticed that there are soooo many variations of prints for the new year. The most popular ones are Tribal and Animal ( Leopard and Zebra).  To Pull off this look wear it with :

  • A classic tuxedo jacket and black heels
  • A silk shirt in red or black with sparkly heels


Scuba Skirt

A Scuba Skirt is actually a stretchy shorter version of the pencil skirt made from the same material they use to make scuba suits :-) Hence the name.  To pull off this look wear it with :

  • A loose silk racer-back tank and a pile of colorful bracelets
  • A white tank top and a shrunken leather motorcycle jacket



I know what you all are thinking " aren't those just fancy overalls", well yes they kinda are. What you need to understand is that fashion is pretty much like history , it tends to repeat itself. The good thing is that with fashion , there are always great accessories to make the look work.

Wear with :

  • Dark high heels
  • A sculptured collar necklace in gold or silver ( or both)


Sequined Shorts

As I've mentioned initially , it takes a certain amount of confidence to pull off a "look". Especially this one.

Wear with :

  • An Oversize tuxedo jacket and patent pointy toe flats


These are "my" top four risks that i think are worth taking for 2012.

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  1. what will you "dare" to wear for the new year?


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