Manicure Mondays!!

Hi Guys !!! So i know i said i wouldn't post any new material until next year , however , i must say ... these past days i have been truly inspired :-) I will try to do as much posts as i can while i am on vacation :-) There will be a new feature called "Manicure Mondays" which will feature various manicure trends and as the name suggests , this post will be on Mondays. For today , I've decided to feature Essie's holiday colours. It seems that its all about glitter for the holidays.

"Luxeffects" are multi-dimensional top coats. They are on trend, textured with built in "salon shimmer", glitter and dimension, designed to dazzle even the most fashion forward. Wear them over the most gorgeous nail colours and bring bling to a whole new level!!

"As gold as it gets" is just one of the Essie Christmas Colours and it is a really cool glittery gold colour. As mentioned before , it is actually a top coat , meaning that it goes over the base coat ( the first colour). If you really want these colours to pop wear them with bright bold contrasting colours:-) For example , as it relates to the "As gold as it gets" , a red base coat will really make this colour pop

Shown above is the "As Gold as it Gets" Topcoat.

This is what the colour looks like in actuality, this person used a darker colour as a base coat with the same as "Gold as it gets".

These can be found in any fine beauty supply stores. I know that in Jamaica , Nylorac sells Essie stuff , i guess you would have to ask if they carry "Luxeffects''. This is also availabe on Amazon .com and Ebay.

Disclaimer : I am not affiliated with Essie or Luxeffect in any way , these pictures are the sole property of

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