Wicky Wack Trends of the 90s

Hi Guys !!! Happy Thanks Giving Weekend !! For those of you who celebrate it , in a few hours i will be in West Palm Beach celebrating with my family. Anyhoo, just the other night i was watching an episode of "Sex and the City" , and i saw the most horrendous thing.  Carrie Bradshaw was wearing a .... Fanny pack!!!!! I must say , i liked the outfit she was wearing ... minus the pack. I decided to do a post on crazy trends in the 90s.

Fanny Pack : Omg!! This reminds me of one of those "Miami vice" type movies, where theres an old fat tourist guy with speedos on .. and hes wearing a fanny pack. I even hate the name. I think "fanny" in London means private part. So , you are wearing a "private part pack" around you waist.

Deodorant Necklace/Coin purse : I remember when i was in Prep School , Kfc came out with this trend. What it was , was a roll on bottle , with the ball removed , then a small hole was made in the top and a string placed in the hole which would go around your neck. I hated it. All the other kids loved it , but i hated it. I just thought it was sooooo tacky.

Transparent Trends : Sooo , there was this big fascination with "see through" apparel , when i say see through , i mean plastic like stuff. It was like a thick garment plastic , that could be worn. I remember it being in vest , bags , shoes and so on. I must say , I'm guilty of this trend. I remember when my mother bought me a suit in this , i was like the coolest girl in prep school. I remember i had the little see through vest , and it came with little shorts. However , i could not play that day at recess. You know plastic tends to sweat :-)

Butterflies : Yup , butterflies were actually a trend in the 90s . There were glittery butterfly clips , scrunchies. Butterflies were everywhere. At that time i was an extreme girly girl , so i loved this trend.

The Matie bag : This was like a mini version of the traditional back pack. It came in leather, fuzzies and regular material. I'm just realising that unless you are a 3 year old , this bag made no sense. It could hold nothing!!! However !!! I had like 6 :-(

These trends i wrote about are trends that were popular in the 90s in Jamaica. I am sure that there are many more that i did not make mention of. What "Wicky Wack Trend" do you remember?

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    I was in high school when flannel shirts a la grunge wear was in. Hmmm I think Spice Girl and Lambada stuff were wacky.

    Bring me back something from WPB. Hope you return with more thrilling content for us to indulge in. Enjoy Thanksgiving!....


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