Trash Your Stash!!

Hi Guys!!! Today is another exciting day to talk about makeup :-) Did you know that all makeup have expiration dates? Yup , they all do. I know over the years as females we amass a makeup "stash" , that we can't seem to quite part with. However , it is time you let go. Also, keeping old makeup is not only unsanitary , but also hazardous to your health.
Our skin , lips and lashes are full of sooo much bacteria , that if you took a microscope and looked at each individual part , it would probably have you running. Imagine , using the same products over and over again on our faces. Its like we keep adding bacteria that's already harmful.

I will now speak about each type of makeup and their expiration dates. I will try to categorise them so its easier


Mascara :  This should be replaced after 3 months. It dries out over time , making it ineffectual and also  remember , where there is moisture there is bacteria. If you use the same mascara for more than 3 months , you are susceptible to bacteria

Eyeliner ( pencil/liquid) : If sharpened regularly , will last you up to 3 years. Liquid liner can go from 3 -4 months.

Eyeshadow : These can last you up to three years. However , it is best to invest in the better brands. Ones that don't flake on you and fall in your eyes giving you an infection.


Foundation ( liquid /powder ) . As it relates to liquid foundation , the ones in the pump will last you up to a year . This is because is does not require you touching it constantly , so air barely gets in.Your best bet would be to go with a powder foundation because they can last from 1-2 years.There is no moisture , so there is obviously less bacteria.


Lipsticks : Most experts say that lipstick can last 1-2 years. However if it smells "rancid", throw it out , that's no good to you. Tip: If you store lipstick in the refrigerator it will last longer. Also , if you want your lipstick to last longer throughout the day, fill it in with a lip pencil.

Lip liner : These lasts up to 3 years.

You should never share makeup! EVER!! I know as women we like to "freshen up" and this is the time we trade beauty products. Newsflash!!!  not only are we trading beauty products , but also bacteria.  When we share makeup , bacteria accumulates quicker.

I know that there are tons of makeup , however , these are the most commonly used ones.

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