Style Mint is a new T-Shirt Evolution created by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. New T-shirts are designed each month. This is kinda like the T-shirt version of "shoedazzle or justfab". This is an online t-shirt store. You can become a registered member in these easy steps :

  1. Create your "Style Profile". Basic fun questions are asked , such as " what outfit would you wear on Girls' night out ( pictures of the outfit are shown) .
  2.  After you've completed your styleprofile , a form comes up at the end where you select which account you would want to use to receive your e-mail. (Facebook , Yahoo etc)
  3. You then receive an e-mail , where you are given a confirmation code , to go back to .
  4. Order your T-Shirts
  • It's FREE to look! Get a FREE StyleProfile. Never an obligation to buy!
  • Start your membership with your first purchase!
  • All T Shirts are just $29.99 each!
  • You only receive what you order. We'll email you at the beginning of every month with your TopStyles based on your StyleProfile.
  • Choose to buy or skip a month in the first 5 days at
    no charge!
  • Shipping is always FREE!
  • Returns are EASY!
I know $29.99 seems like a lot of money for ONE T-shirt , but they are quality T-shirts. Take it from me , i am a major "Frugalista" , i received my first shipment just thursday and i am so happy with my purchase. I only bought one , so i can test the item and see how it looked and felt. Texture is a big thing for me. I love 100 % cotton tees , they are super comfy and super soft :-)

Oh ! I also really like the "mini-commercials" that the twins do , two of my favourite are posted below.



Disclaimer : These videos are courtesy of , they are not my own. I am not affiliated with this company in any way.


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