How to wear PantyHose

I know in this century whenever we hear "pantyhose" we revert to the days of going to church as young children with Grandma, when she forced us to wear those  horrible itchy things , and she also wore a skin colored one herself. As you know in fashion .. "one day you are in , and the next day you are out " The pantyhose is back and it not only comes as a weird itchy thing , it comes in many patterns and designs. As always , i am here to help with with tips and tricks on how to wear your panty hose :-)

Important!!! Wear your Size .. OK  , these sizes are the same as regular clothing , however they go from petite to Queen Size. Also , on some brands they have the  weight on it. If you weight from 90-110 lbs you would be a petite. If you do not know your size , you can opt for "one size fits all".

Step 1

"Right leg , left leg". I know some people who literally force both legs in at the same time. This destroys the pantyhose before you even leave the house.

Step 2

Pull pantyhose to knee length ( right then left of course). This will help to make your pantyhose go on smooth and not cause you to have that weird grungy look.

Step 3

Pull all the way up to your thigh , making sure the line at the back is perfectly lined up with your .. do i say it ( butt crack). If this is not properly lined up , it will cause the pantyhose to not sit right and you will have a weird gap between your legs.

Step 4

Almost done :-) Simply make sure the band of the pantyhose is on your waist. If you find that it is "bunched up" , you can simply roll it all the way up to your navel. Just sure make it goes on smooth. Panty lines are not the only unsightly fashion no- no # Enough said

Tip : If you get premature runs , simply take your clear nail polish and apply it to where the run starts. This will seal the frayed part of the pantyhose. If there is more than one run in the same leg , please throw this pantyhose away , there is no need for the nail polish trick. Thats just tacky.

I know that most of you might be thinking that this is simple and irrelevant, however ! its always the little things in fashion that people get wrong.

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