How to Survive on $2000 a week

Hi Guys! I really hope everyone has been having an auh mazing weekend so far , if not "smile it up" guys , you are still alive. Anyhoo , today i am here to share some tips from a major "Frugalista" Time is tough everywhere! Even if you are rich , there is still a strain on some aspect of your life you use to consider a luxury. Guys , this is actually how to survive on $2000 Jamaican dollars.

1. Be Realistic : Remember you only have $2000 for one whole week , imagine that you are broke and all you have in your name is that $2000 , therefore forget about that Chinese food which costs $700 for one day.

2.Carry Lunch : I remember when i just started working , i realised that a bulk of my pay went into lunch ( i love extravagant lunches) . However , i realised that this made absolutely no sense. Guess what i did ? I bought a lunch bag ( pink) and i carried lunch. I either took left overs or i got up really early and cooked my own lunch. Not only did i save money , but i had the privilege of eating something different everyday. In Jamaica we have a weird culture where they cook the same things for lunch everyday day .. augh! a person can only eat so much rice and peas and chicken. If you are one of those people who are "ashamed" of eating your lunch from a plastic container , you really got problems. At my workplace , everyone carries lunch! You actually look weird if you purchase lunch.

3. If you do not own or get drive in a car to get to and from work. Carpool. In Jamaica we call this "beg ride". There is no shame , find out who's going in your direction and simply "beg ride" from that person.  For those who take the bus , i see most of my employees with a "Smart Card" , this is like a debit card for the bus , you put a specific amount of money on it and it takes you to where you want to go. Also , there is this bus called the 800 bus where once you take this bus , you are able to get a transfer , that's like a two for one deal everyday. Also , walk! If you work in a place where you can walk to your destination , do it!

4. Do NOT use your debit/credit card as back up !!! I do this ALOT!!  I'd set a budget for $2000 for the week , then buy an expensive lunch , then visit my always available friend Mr. Atm :-)

Sooo , these are my personalt tips to you , as always , i really hope i've helped at least one person in some  way.

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