Highlights from Thanksgiving

Hi Guys! So last Wednesday i went to Boca Raton , Florida for Thanksgiving . I must say , i had a great mini- vacay ( it was well needed). I did all the things that people generally do at Thanksgiving. I ate , laughed and of course shopped. I am sooo sorry i am like so late with this post. I actually did not walk with my laptop and the hotel only allow guests 15 minutes to use their computer. So below , I've posted highlights of my trip:-)

 About to pack my suitcase , i did not take a lot of clothing with me, because everyone who travels knows that the less stuff they take , the more space they will have for new stuff.

 I only took two pairs of jeans ( light and dark) , 5 tops , accessories , 2 sleeping tops and 1 sleeping bottom.

This is literally ALL that went in that BIG suitcase shown below. Quick tip guys, Always pack an outfit you can wear as well as something you can sleep in , a pair of undies as well as shoes in your hand luggage. This is just in case your checked baggage gets lost.

Boca Raton. The lovely table setting , shown right. And the even lovelier Christmas tree :-) That thing was like 12 ft , and it had every ornament you could think of.

The shopping begins. One store gave me a gift card worth $10 towards my next shopping trip with that particular store. You had to buy two or more pairs of shoes to get this deal :-) I deserve it!

They had really nice , reasonably priced boots :-) I know we don't generally wear boots in Jamaica , but still, It was CHEAP!!

There was a homeless guy at every traffic light  :-( Shown right : Size double zero jeans (00) , that was sooo alarming!! I'm a skinny girl , and not even my toe nail could fit in those jeans ...

More shoes! There were Steve Madden , Nine West and Guess Shoes on sale. This was a "FRUGAISTAS" dream:-)

Shown above, i saw these online for over $100 and guess how much they came down to? Only $24.99
I deserve this. I gravitated to this because it had that Missoni print going on

 I deserve this

 I deserve this. Sexy working shoes , by Nine West :-)

I deserve this too ! Who doesn't like glittery sling backs?

I deserve this , i saw this and  fell in love. And later realized i bought a similar pair in black from another store , i guess i was so caught up in the moment i wasn't paying attention to my purchases . I just love wedges

These clutches were just so pink , glittery and cute. The kinda reminded me of candy cane. You just have to have it :-)

More Glitter ! I deserve it!

Rhinestone. I didn't know whether to get this in black or nude. You can only take one guess to know what i did in that situation. I deserve it!

 I also deserve this! However! even though it fit , that back part where the zipper is , was noticeably waaaaay too big :-( Its girly , yet edgy

 bye bye Steve Madden :-(

 These were waay too low. I only do 5 inches , I'm already short

These were soo cute. I don't know why , but they remind me of something English/British , like an English muffin or something. And yes! I deserve it

"The shoes of death" , by Jessica Simpson. These were like extreme stilettos. These are more like  "flaunting shoes". You wear these in the daytime when you want people to look at you. When they ask" where'd you get those shoes"? , you'll be like " these old things , i didn't even know i still had em'. When you know you can't even walk in them ..lol

These wooden type heels are so in , and i really liked the color , i have no idea what it will go with. But! It was cheap :-)

The coveted items that drove everyone crazy! The big screen and other appliances. I'm really glad we were able to snatch one of these. It was kinda like one of those "In your face" moments. Ha Ha , big screen for Christmas heck yea!!

 The smaller version.

I'm not into watches , but apart from the shoes and clothes , i wanted to treat MYSELF to something i would never buy for MYSELF :-). I saw it and fell in love. It is really flashy yet classy and it looks really expensive. Don't worry, This will not be worn to Half way tree, i need both hands to type. # I'm just saying

 The lines of people making their way back home.

I must commend all the stores for allowing me to take pictures and videos ( next post) in their stores. The Jamaican store owners really need to take a page from their book as it relates to great customer service. Thank you so much for reading my post today.

Disclaimer : The pictures shown in this post is not  intended for me to brag in any way. I love all things related to fashion and entertainment. And apart from that , i work really hard to afford these items.

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