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Hi guys! so I'm back from the hair trade show held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel and it was auh mazing.I went there 1 O'clock and left 5. I must commend The National Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists for putting on an event of this magnitude in Jamaica , and also , for allowing it to be at only $450. There were several booths and a main stage where the "hair competition " was being held. Trade show participants include : Bijoux , Britmach Industries , Clairol Textures and Tones, Digicel , Discount  Beauty Supplies, Lockology Natural Hair, M.D.R.M Co. Ltd, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Monica Shakespeare ( Moniques Beauty House) , Motions, Pioneer, ShalShani, Scotia Bank, Shirley's' International, T. Geddes Grant Ltd and Tropical Isle Jamaica Ltd. Commodity Ltd. L.A Pink and Facey Commodity.
There was a special presentation by an international hairstylist on "How to professionally sew in weave". This was followed by the "giveaway" segment. I won nothing :-( . The major items being given away were from a new human hair line being launched in Jamaica called "Soprano" , this comes in the "Brazilian Remi" as well as "Deep Ripple" among others. I loved the fact that they gave away high quality products .. Remi .. thats "dream hair" girl. There were two things i did not like. There was no food , seeing that its a hair show and all , they should have had "girl food". Mini cupcakes,water crest sandwiches and so on. Also! I was soooo disappointed in the Garnier booth. The women knew nothing about the products. I asked about two hair dyes . It was the Garnier Nutriesse and also the Sleek and Shine. I asked what the difference was between the two products and the reply was " maybe one has more "shine" than the other". Maybe  ? I think they should have trained people briefly on the products. Garnier is a really big (expensive) brand. Next time .. get people who are knowledgeable of your products Garnier! #I'm just saying#  However , i'm also commending Garnier in the same breath , they were giving away free make overs with the purchase of any of their products , which were at discounted prices. I bought myself an anti frizz serum and made my way over to the make up chair :-)) . Below are highlights of the Hair Trade Show 2011.


 Bijoux Goody Bag presentation :-))
 Lockology Booth

 MaVen Booth

 Reve Jelellery : located in Devon House. They also sell skin care products such as the African Black soap.

 Reve Booth : these pieces are all hand designed

 Tropic Isle Jamaica Ltd Booth

 Clairol Textures and Tones Booth

 Facey Commodity Booth. And yes they make hair products. Shown is the LIVE hair dye.

 International Hairstylist giving away remi , that i did not win :-(
 Pioneer Booth

 Moniques Beauty House Booth

 ShanShani Jewellery Booth

 Alia Johneice Booth : She is a Makeup Designer & Consultant
 Discount Beauty Supplies . They came with the big guns . They had everything from a pin to an anchor ( literally)
  Bijoux Goody bag : 1 pk Bijoux hair, bijoux fan, bijoux pen , various product samples , 2012 hair magazine , brochures . The bag :-))
 Anti-Frizz serum and samples of conditioner and shampoo
 Various Samples

 Reve Jewellery
 Motions Booth

Garnier Booth  ( notice there were no representatives)

My Garnier Goody Bag. Included : Anti-frizz serum and shampoo and conditioner

The Hair Trade show continues tomorrow from 8:30 to 7:30 p.m at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. Prices are Adults :$450 , Children under 12  $100 , Cosmetology teachers and students with i.d $350. There will also be a presentation on "No braid , No glue weaving". How will the hair go in .. magic? You have to go to find out.

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