Hair Trade show in Jamaica!

So , i heard a recent radio announcement of a Hair Trade show which will be held from the 13-14th of November at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. However , this announcement went by so quickly that i did not catch all the relevant information. I decided to call The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel so i could get all the information to bring to all you guys, well those who live in Jamaica that is. As i said it goes from the 13th to 14th ( Sunday and Monday.

  • Adults: $450 jmd
  • Children Under 12 : $100 jmd
  • N.E.C Members : $350
  • Cosmetology Teachers and Students : $350 ( with i.d)
The times are :
  • Sunday 9 a.m-7 p.m
  • Monday 8 a.m- 7:30 p.m
Hair shows are not as popular in Jamaica as they are in the states , so usually when these events are held , patrons take all the advantage of it. Meaning , the place will be jam packed. As you know , Jamaica is a predominantly Black society , and as females , we love our weaves. Most women love to know tips and tricks on how to put in their own hair , or to impart knowledge upon their hairdressers.
Below is a video of last year's show , held at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel.

Disclaimer : This video is the courtesy of MrsYPowell a YouTube subscriber. i am not affiliated with this person in any way. this video serves as visual imagery.

I will be attending tomorrow's show and of course , i will be taking pictures so you all can have something to see. However ! If you are free tomorrow and Sunday , make every effort to attend. I think $450 is a great deal.

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