Hey Guys! In the spirit of Graduation , i wanted to do a quick post on tips and tricks for pictures and dresses and the like :-)


A picture is worth a 1000 words , however ! You only want to hear 4 words as its relates to your graduation picture " Wow! .. you look hot! Pictures can be a bit tricky. Firstly , you should try to figure out the "look" you want to go for. Is it classy or glamourous or just plain simple. I will use the glamourous option for example. Now , there is one thing that is mandatory , and that is the "dress" code. In Jamaica for example , all graduates are required to wear a white top and the blue cap and gown for each faculties.
  • Make sure you are wearing a "white" blouse , not eggshell , off white or beige.. white.
  • Make sure your eyebrows are properly groomed. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul .. eyebrows are the windows of the face. They make you look brighter and more polished. Nobdy wants jacked up bert looking brows.
  • For the sake of pictures , make sure you use a non-oily foundation or a loose powder. Chances are , you will be waiting in line and will start to sweat, by the time it becomes your turn , your face will probably be all "icy". I find that loose powder sets longer. Also , for better results , use a foundation that is "full coverage".
  • Make sure there is nothing in your teeth ( enough said)
  • Try not to smile too wide , this is a happy picture not a crazy picture. If you choose to not smile ( Non smile .. non smile Make sure you have a pleasant look . And please decide from the onset whether or not you want to smile. Try not to decide at the time of the camera flash You will end up with one of those crazy half smiles ..
  • Finally , there will be flashes all around , from all angles .. even if pictures are not directed at you. Be ready at all times and smile. You can never tell whose picture you could end up in or where it will end up.


It is required that for the purpose of graduation, a white dress with black shoes should be worn. I really hate the black shoes .. why couldn't they make shoes be our choice? Anyhoo...

  • If you decide to wear a short dress , make sure it is on your knee or like 1/2 inch above. Its a Graduation ( a formal ocassion) not a ho-down #enough said
  • Wear "wearable" shoes. Ladies! I know you want to look hot. But ! I remember my first year of school i went to graduation and i saw literally half of the graduates walking as if they had some weird walking disorder They were all wearing 5 inch heels. Remember , there are thousands of graduates , you will be standing in line for a long time , then marching takes another long time , and there is also walking to take pictures with your friends. Please make sure the shoes you select , you can actually walk in them.
  • As for undergarments.They sould remain "under" your clothes. Select the right colour and style. Remember you will be wearing white. White reveals everything. For example , if your dress is a strapless sweetheart number , please wear a strapless bra, there should not be any straps peeking out.


  • Handbags : Clutches will work best in this situation. I would go with medium clutches. You would want something that is big enough to hold all your important items , but small enough to not over-power your dress.
  • Earrings, necklaces : Stay away from noisy pieces . Pieces that click and clank as you walk , not a good look. And ladies , i cannot say this enough , less is more.
Final tip ! You should wear you hair down. This is because that weird thingie (cap) will be on your head. Up-dos will clearly not work. Also , even though it is your special day , try to stay away from those "elaborate" hairstyles. The blue and red hair .. not graduation approved.

Well congrats to all my college grads for the year 2011 .. you have done well and your journey now begins :-)

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