A vs An

Today, i will be taking a small detour from my usual fashion and entertainment topic to give a short grammar lesson . I will discuss the proper usage of “a” and “an”.
Typically , “an” is used word initially with vowels. This simply means that when a word begins with a vowel , we use “an” as the determinative. This is done because it makes the speech more continuous and it also makes pronunciation of the word easier. For example :

I wanted an elephant for a pet when i was ten”.
“I wanted a elephant for a pet when i was ten”.

To test this .. we would place the index and middle fingers on our throat … notice how when you say “a elephant” the vibration drops? and there is like a gap between the words? ( auh mazing huh?). Well this is called a GLOTTAL STOP. Its kinda like a .. pause. This pause causes our vocal folds to work a little harder. This is what causes certain speech problems.

“a” is generally used when words begins with consonants . Words that do not begin with (a,e,i,o,u sometimes y). For example :

” a dog chased the cat up the tree”
” a camera is used for taking pictures”

What to take from this lesson …”an” is used with vowels … “a” is not

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