The Versatility Of the Jelly!

Petroleum Jelly a.k.a Vaseline has so many  uses of which we are unaware. This is a really trusted product and can be found in all or most homes. Here are the top 5 uses i have come up with .

  • Gloss eyes :  Put a small amount over eye shadow - or even on bare lids. This will not only boost longevity of your shadow , but it also adds a chic shine
  • Nourish Nails :  Massage gently into cuticles to soften them.
  •  Moisture Lips : This will keep your lips moist and luscious all day long.
  •  Soften Cracked Heels :  Coat feet at night , put on cotton socks and wake up with smooth heels.
  •  Undo Foundation Over Kill : Tap a small amount along the skin to break it up. As you know this is a glossy product , in this case , less is more.
What do you use Petroleum Jelly to do?

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