The Ultimate Guide To Walking in Heels

What better way to exert our sexiness as women than with a pair of "killer heels". I say killer because that's basically what these shoes do .. they kill you slowly.. lol.  When i was in High school , i heard the craziest theory about shoes from a former friend of mine " If the shoes don't hurt your feet .. then they don't look good". Back then i thought she was crazy , but these days I understand what she was saying , the shoes that i get the most compliment on are the ones that hurt my feet the most :-(  Heels are kinda like thongs the first time you wear them , they hurt like crazy and it takes a significant amount of time to get used to them. As always i am here to help you to walk like a supermodel in your heels.

Start out Small :

"You need to crawl before you can walk". This is your first time wearing heels. Start out with maybe two inch heels. This will help you to get a general feel of what is like to walk in heels. Medium height wedges will also work in this case. Wedges unlike high heels , are on one surface and they are also chunkier , which will help you to walk steadier.

"Right -Left March"

This is actually really simple.Practice to walk heel to toe in straight lines. It helps if you say : right-left , right left" when you are walking. It helps if you practice this at home. Tip : If you feel crazy , you are probably doing it right. It is suppose to feel uncomfortable at first. If you do the reverse of this : toe to heel, you are bound to fall flat on your face. Nobody walks like that. Get it right from the onset.

"Baby Steps"

Take small graceful steps. This is not "Mother May I" ( Jamaican Game) . There is no need for you to be taking giant steps or leaps. Also , the aim here is to give the illusion that you have been walking in heels for years. Also , i think you would look pretty crazy taking giant strides in super sexy heels. Don't you?

Practice , Practice, Practice !

Draw a straight line if you must , and practice walking on it. Also , having a good posture when walking in heels is a must. Imagine , there is a string pulling you from the neck , which forces you to walk upright at all times. Mimic other walks.

Wear It!

Wear your heels everywhere. Wear them to the grocery store , wear them to do laundry. The more you walk in them , the better you will be.

Know your Size

"Young girl know yuh size". Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! I cannot say this enough, buy your right size shoes. I had a really bad experience buying the wrong size shoes. I wear a 6 1/2 , and i went into Forever21 and bought a 7 , Not only was the "half" obvious , but i could not walk :-( they kept flopping off my feet . I was neither graceful nor was I #Winning. Tip : wear your size ladies.

These are my tips to walk in heels. Below is an actual video on how to walk in heels , just so you'll get to have a visual image.


Disclaimer : This video is not my own , it is the sole property of "AMIClubwear". I am not affiliated with this person. This video serves as a reference guide to the aforementioned.

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