Think Pink :Creating Awareness

Did you know that October is deemed as National Awareness month? Did you also know that this disease affects mainly affects women? how many of us has lost a loved one to breast cancer?

Breast Cancer starts in the tissue of the breast. There are two main types. Ductual Carcinoma . This starts in the tubes  ( ducts ) that move milk from the breast to the nipple. Most breast cancers are this type. Lobular Carcinoma starts in the parts of the breast called lobules , which produce milk.

It is important to give yourself regular breast examinations. This can simply be done by :
  • Lifting your right hand ( as if you are stretching) , then take your left hand to feel along the curve of your breast. If you feel an irregular lump , you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Get a Mammogram. This is usually done by your doctor , where a special "breast x- ray" machine is used to examine your breasts.
As women we can all do our parts to help find cures for this disease. One way is to join the Cancer Society in your country. The Jamaica Cancer Society has an annual Cancer run called "Relay for life" and this is a fun way to raise money for the Cancer Society of Jamaica , while creating awareness and also celebrating survivorship. 

Scotiabank has also been an avid supporter of Cancer Awareness Month and they have even provided a "Mobile Mammogram Unit". There is no excuse to get yourself a mammogram.

This October , grab your closest girl friends and get mammograms , your breasts will love it :-)

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