Quick Over night fix!

Ladies! we all get those pesky unwanted breakouts at some point in our lives. These bumps usually show up when we have those "big moments" . A date  ... a party , whatever it is. There are sooo many products on the market these days to give you a quick fix. However , these products are really expensive. As always , i am here to give you a cheaper solution , that will not have you breaking the bank. I saw this on the Tyra Banks  Show .. i tried it and it really works.

You will need :
  • Warm water
  • cotton swabs / qutips
  • Toothpaste
  1. Dip the cotton swab or qutip into warm water
  2. Apply the cotton swab directly to the pimple
  3. Put the toothpaste on the pimple  in order to dry it out.

The heat will push all the impurities to the top layer of the skin and the toothpaste will dry out the pimple without leaving an unsightly marks on your skin. If you do not have toothpaste , any topical treatment can be used to dry the pimple. By morning , i guarantee that your pimple will be "ripe" and all you simple have to do is gently squeeze it , then add alcohol , to clean the area and prevent bacteria from entering the skin.

Do you have any secret quick fixes?

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