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This has NOTHING to do with Fashion or Entertainment but i decided i just had to do this quick grammar lesson , it just makes sense. Today i was at work and some of my colleagues were stating their issues with the company and each other.Three of my colleagues stood up and stated their problems. I however , could not focus on what they were saying ,  i was soooo disturbed by the poor usage of "people" and person".

First Co Worker got up and said " ... the persons who are committing infractions know themselves"
Second Co worker " .. 2 persons said that ..... "

I'll only use these two examples since this will be a relatively short post.

The Case Of Person

The term person CANNOT be pluralised! The only way it would take the "s" is in the case of ownership , and this would be clearly stated by using the apostrophe . Person already means ONE. It is also marked by determiners such as "the" , "that" and so on.

"That persons' bag is on the table".
"The person who took my pen off my desk is clearly a thief"

The Case of People

People is already in its pluralised form! It will and should not take an "s" , except in the case of ethnic groups. For example , Chinese , Indian, Japanese and so on. It should not be used to refer to more than one PERSON.

"There are five people wearing pink today".
"In high school i read about peoples of other lands"

I really hope i shed some light on when to use each word and also in the proper context :-) If not , hit me up

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