On the Prowl : How to Bargain Shop

Are you a "Frugalite"? Do you enjoy shopping and also spending the least amount of money and getting the biggest deals? Then as, always i am here to give you tips and tricks on how to bargain shop.
The word "bargain" means to : "haggle , deal, sell, trade or to barter". Therefore Bargain Shopping means to haggle, sell, trade or barter to get all the best deals possible. It is important to remember that shopping can be regarded as a skill, and like any other skill, it takes practice to get it right.

Make Time :

Most of the stores that offer bargain shopping is not as organised as a regular high end boutique. If you have to , take the entire day. I am not saying to take a day off from work to shop ( that would be crazy).What i mean is to plan a day dedicated to bargain shopping. As i said , shopping is a skill. It takes time to get it right. You will not always find your size in its marked area , it will take a significant amount of time to find your size.

Strategize :

Call ahead if you have to. Find out where the discounted items are in the store and what is the exact mark-down on them. Tip : The good stuff is always in the back. Find a sales person and ask them to show you the exact location. ( sometimes sales agents may not be receptive , but as a consumer you know your rights : refer to my post on "knowing your rights"


Don't be afraid to ask for a better deal. This is the main goal of "bargain shopping". If you find that an item has markings on any type of damage. Be sure to mention this to the sales person and see how they can get the price down. This will not only benefit you , but also them, who wants to be known to sell damaged goods anyway?

Examine your goods :

I cannot stress this enough! Remember , this is a big store with items thrown all over the place. It is quite easy to get caught up in the moment and leave with an item that is damaged and not in the best condition. As I've just stated above , if you examine your item and you realise it is not in good condition , then ask for a mark down. This will save you money. More money , more items :-) See how that works.

Know your policies

My sister bought a pair of shoes in her local mall in the city of Portmore. She bout these shoes on Saturday, wore them on Monday and to her surprise , the shoes came out at the sides. She took it back to the store. , and the manager informed her that the store does not do refunds, however , she can get it fixed for her , of course , she wanted her money. Lesson, know your rights! Find out what all the policies are and most of all GET A RECEIPT!!

These are my person tips and tricks on how to bargain shop. I hope i have helped in some way :-)


  1. Guilty frugalite!! lol, depends on what I buying still. Will spend big bucks on shoes.


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