The Most Memorable T.V Hairstyles

They often say that scent always leaves a lingering memory. You might not always remember the way a person looked or the way they were dressed. Anyhoo , what if , a person had such a unique or flamboyant hairstyle that it left a mark on you , and the rest of the world. The hairsyles im about to show are in no particular order and they are from the shows i remember watching as a young child growing up.

Marge Simpson

Rachel Green ( Friends)

Carrie Bradshaw ( Sex and the City)

Chrissy Snow ( three's company) 

D.j Tanner ( Full House)

Denise Huxtable ( A diffrent World , The Cosby show)

Felicity Porter ( Felicity)

Kelly Kapowski ( Saved by the bell)

Marcia Brady ( The Brady Bunch) Marcia , Marcia ,Marcia!

Mrs. Brady ( The Brady Bunch)

Peg Bundy ( Married with Children)

Punky Brewster ( Punky Brewster)

Tootie ( The Facts of life)

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