Making it all Fit

I know i have diverted a bit from the " wardrobe building", however i find it necessary to kinda go back to that a bit. Today , i will be telling you how to make it all fit by talking about the various storage methods ( hanging , folding and storing). For the purpose of this post , i will be referring to the three common methods used.

In a Hanging Closet :

Generally, basically everything can be stored in your closet. Remember the last post i did about hangers? Well , you can simply hang all your clothes on either tubular or any other hangers. Guys , if you want the best out of your closet , color co-ordinate! I go from dark to light. Asin , from black to light and also by shirt style. I do long sleeves , 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves , alter tops, spaghetti straps and finally strapless. Then continue that same trend with the next colour. Guys , anything like sweaters should be folded so it doesn't stretch out the shoulders.

On a Shelf

I know most of us would have bookcases/ shelves probably from prep or high school. Well , here is what you can do with that bookshelf . Use it to store your clothes and shoes. Have you ever been to one of those trendy stores and saw them have jeans on the shelves? That's the look you are going for. For sweaters , you would store those items at the bottom. Your bookshelf will also be able to store shoes as well. You can do this in two ways. Either lay out the shoes pair by pair , or you can store them in boxes. For the box method , you will be able to store more however , you will not be able to see them:-( what i would recommend is to take pictures so you can see them on the box).


Drawers are basically for things that " are better left unseen".  Socks, underwear , pajamas, bathing suits and so on. This is due to the lack of visibility. It would be tedious to keep going in and out of drawers for your "good clothes". As for bathing suits , there are those plastic cabinet storage device with drawers. This can be an alternative , incase your drawers are full. These are available at Megamart or Azan ( in Jamaica).

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