Le Beauty Bag Essentials 101

Are you one of those women who carry everything in your handbag but the kitchen sink? That means that you probably have a small "pouch"like bag buried somewhere beneath all that stuff. I am appalled to know that most women DO NOT have one , how can you not have one?  What is a beauty bag btw? It is a bag that is big enough to hold all your essential items but small enough to hold in your handbag. As always , i am here to help you decide what products to take in the bag.

Pads/ tampons : Ladies! Never leave home with either of these . Sometimes our "Little friend" has a tendency to show up un-announced.

Make-up : It is essential to maintain a "fresh look" throughout the day. Make-up is essential for a "quick fix".

Hand Sanitiser: Omg! I am obsessed with these. They are a must have for all beauty bags especially in these times when there are diseases emerging everyday.

Lotion : Sometimes when I wash my hands , my skin tends to dry out , it is great to have lotion to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day.

Tissue: I always walk with my own tissue. This might seem a bit ghetto ..lol . but i always love to be prepared .

Medication: Pills , alcohol and so on. You never know when a headache might hit , or even the flu or any ailments.

Brush / Comb:Sometimes your hair will go awry and its good to walk with your brush and comb combo to keep your hair in place.

Pins: Safety pins are always good to have around.

Hair clip/ bobby pins : These have multiple uses. They can help to keep your hair in a nice ponytail away from your face , or they can be used to hold all your loose pieces in order.

I know that this might seem like a lot of items to carry around in such a small bag , but its truly not. You might be surprised at the number of items women stuff in their beauty bag.

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