Hart of Dixie

This is one of my new favorite t.v shows for this season. I am really excited that Rachel Bilson is back on t.v because i really loved her as "Summer" in "The O.C". I must say she truly delivers. She plays a D.r from New York who did not get to follow in her fathers' footsteps as a cardiovascular surgeon simply because she was all about her job instead of about caring about the actual people shes comes in contact with on a daily basis. Anyway , she is offered a job in Alabama to share the practice with a man who is mean and headstrong  and not amused by her antics or charm. It is really fun to see how the story develops each week . This t.v show has drama, comedy ,romance and even tragedy. I would recommend that if you are not too busy on a Monday night from 8-9 give Hart of Dixie a Chance.

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