Do you know your Pro-V?

I have been a "Pantene Girl" all my life, meaning , for as far back as i can remember , i have been using Pantene products. However ! there are so many new products on the market that one can be confused as it relates to buying the one for you. Gone are the days when there was one shampoo and one conditioner that works on all hair types. I am here to help you select the Pantene that will best suit your needs :-)

Classic Care
 This is the "original" shampoo and conditioner.  This is the most "basic " product from Pantene that nourishes and protects to keep hair healthy for a "classic look".  The signature "blue" one the bottle makes this Original Pro -V  easy to spot.

Fine Hair Solutions

Did you know that fine hair has 50% less protein than thick hair? This leaves hair limp and weak and "dingy". Pantene Pro-V Fine Solutions is designed to reinforce the structure of fine hair giving it a fuller and healthier look. To identify this product , look for the orange or tangerine colour. If you have thin hair , this Pantene is for you.

Medium to Thick Solution

I really apologise for the poor quality of this image. This is actually "Medium to thick: from breakage to strength". This is for medium type hair. Hair that is not exactly thin nor is it too thick. This product has the ability to protect your hair from breakage from strand to strand and also from root to tip. You can get back to your strong shiny "roots" in a flash. Now , in order to identify this Pantene , look for the "pink" below the blue :-)

Curly Hair Solution

Show off your beautiful curls with this product. This is mainly for women who have naturally curly hair. Because of all the twists and turns in curly hair , it can leave cuticles exposed , thereby leaving hair dry and rough. This will help to restore moisture as well as to soften your curls leaving them shiny and protected from frizz and damage. You can spot this product by the "pink" flowery design.

Relaxed and Natural

This is for "ethnic or African American hair" . This type of hair is quite different from most other ethic groups , it has a kinky , wavy look and is much harder to control. This product is enriched with moisturizing oils that nourish and help restore the natural beauty of hair for women of colour. Now , one cannot miss this bottle , it is the colour of coco ... ironic much?

Colour Solutions

When hair is coloured it becomes weak and susceptible to damage because each time you colour your hair , the layer that protects each fibre of hair depletes . This product not only adds back essential nutrients but it also leaves your colour radiant , vibrant and shiny. You can easily identify this product , by its brownish gold look.

Nature Fusion

If you are a nature enthusiast , this product is for you, It is not specific to colored or African hair so it is safe on all hair types. This is made from natures' own CASSIA , to infuse hair  with strength and shine. This also makes hair 10x stronger . Also , this bottle is completely plant based which makes it more sustainable and also makes the planet safer. Pick up your bottle of Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion today at your local beauty supply store to not only leave you with beautiful hair , but it will reduce your carbon footprints.

The Products mentioned in this post is from the list of products from the various collection names, there are also other products used for treatments for each specific hair types that were not mentioned. Now that you are familiar wth some of these products , do you know your Pro-V?

Disclaimer : I am not affiliated with Pantene Pro-V in any way , all images and videos shown are the sole propery of they are not my own.

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