D-I-Y Beauty Recipes

1. Mayonnaise + egg = Hair Mayonnaise ( Protein for your hair)

2. Yogurt + honey = sensitive skin and redness remedy

3. Petroleum Jelly+ raw ,unrefined sugar = lip scrub

4. Rosewater + coconut oil = a really relaxing bath :-)

5. Green tea + water = toner

6. Brown sugar + milk = body exfoliate

7. A dash of salt+water = surf spray for the hair

8. Warmed up olive oil = prewash for hair ( hot oil treatment)

9. Safflower oil+ Sunflower Oil = scalp treatment

10.Cornmeal+ water = Face Scrub

Please make sure to visit your various search engines to see the portion sizes for these remedies. I am always experimenting with these kinds of things , but I'm not a trained beauty expert. Please do your own research.

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