Bewitching Fashion

The Secret Circle premiered this fall on the CW Network. It is based on the book trilogy by the author L.J Smith , which follows a normal teenager Cassie Blake as she moves to a strange new town because her mother dies in a fire. Cassie soon discovers that she comes from a long line of powerful witches , and she along with a few other teenagers in town are part of a "Secret Circle" , hence the name:-) This hot new show has cast a spell on its viewers. I was however captivated by the super trendy chic wardrobe and decided to do a commentary on their style.There are four lead female characters. Cassie, Diana, Melissa and Faye. I will now look at each characters' style.


She is the new girl in town and she is extremely angst, this is due to the loss of her mother and also her struggle with the dark and light magic inside her. This complexity in her character is showcased outwardly in her wardrobe choices. Cassie wears a lot of jeans ,dresses, camis and boots. She also wears stacks of bracelets and rings which would seem to be her mothers' old jewellery. I find that a lot of Cassies' clothing is repeated , simply because they wanted to miantain the facade' that she is a "regular girl".  She also wears a lot of leather jackets which symbolises power.


The resident bad girl. Everybody loves a bad girl and especially one who has supernatural powers. Faye has shown that she likes to push boundaries and she does show in her wardrobe. She wears a lot of black tight fitted clothing that leaves very little to the imagination.


Melissa is the best friend of Faye and also her confidant. I find that her character is still developing and this is also showcased in her wardrobe. I will say that she is more of an outcast. Like Faye, she also wears a lot of black tight fitting clothing. However , belts and chains are incorporated into her look


Diana is the self -proclaimed "leader" of the group. She is the overachiever of the group and also seems to be in tuned to school events than the other members of the circle. Diana's style is more polished.Her style may be deemed preppy with a hint of tomboy chic. She wears button down tops , pearls , vests and sweaters.

Are you a Cassie, Melissa, Faye or Diana?

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