10 Foods that make you Gorgeous

1. Chicken : It helps produce hair boosting keratin.

2. Salmon : It contains omega 3 acids which maintains oils that keep your scalp and hair healthier.

3. Strawberries : They are packed with vitamin C , which has anti wrinkle power! Stop aging today , buy picking up some strawberries. If you are not able to manage the texture of the strawberry itself , you can add whipped cream :-)

4.Tomatoes : Huh? Yup , their lycopene helps to protect skin from the sun: luetin helps hydrate. Also  they are great for those red blood cells.

5. Oysters : And no these do not only serve as aphrodisiacs . The zinc in them boosts hair growth and my even prevent breakouts.

6. Water : Good old H2O ( for all my fellow nerds ..lol) This is the best hydrator for your whole system.

7. Low fat Yogurt. : I must be really honest , i hate low- fat items. i feel they lack that rich sugary taste as the regular products. Anyhoo , its calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth.

8. Dark Chocolate : Another of my "hate foods" , it is like so bitter :-(  According to experts , its flavonoids fight skin damaging free radicals. In other words , contrary to what we were all taught , chocolate actually fights against break outs instead of cause them. Chances are , there are other factors which cause breakouts in some people.

9. Green Tea : We all know green tea is rich in anti-oxidants , which reduce the effects of environmental skin damage.

10. Horsetail Green Tea : I know this sounds like one of those teas that you would get in Switzerland or somewhere way out , but it is actually just another type of green tea. This contains nail-strengthening silica.

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