Country Singer Taylor Swift will debut her first fragrance "Wonderstruck" in October. This frageance is inspired by the lyrics of Swifts' song " Enchanted".
‘I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home’.

"Scent is the one thing that is tied to memory. Swift wanted her fans to have relived that moment when you are falling in love and you are "compelled" by your lover , and in that one moment you are "Wonderstruck". This fragrance is said to be divine  and will be a "rustic" scent  ( woody and fruity) and is to consist of  apple blossom , raspberry , vanilla  and also honeysuckle and white hibiscus. The bottle is a regal purple colour and is laced with charms and and a never-before-used iridescent rainbow finish which allows for a lit-from-within glow".

This will be available in Macy's , you will also receive a lovely purple handbag with your purchase. For my Jamaican massive , i am soooo sorry , i just checked Macy's and there is no shipping to International Shoppers ( at this time i hope). I can guarantee you that this will be available in your local jewelery store for like 3 times the amount as Macy's :-) .

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