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      Online stores became popular in 1990 when Tim Bernes-Lee created the first World Wide Web Server and Browser. In 1995 Amazon launched its online shopping site. Online shopping has become really popular in recent years. This made it extremely easy and accessible to everyone because all it takes is a computer and a credit or debit cards and multiple payment options. Online shopping has somewhat replaced regular shopping because you can shop from literally ANYWHERE at your own convenience without ever joining a long line or waiting for a dress room that is in deplorable condition anyway:-(
Tonight i bring to you "Kandiiz Kloset". I came across Kandiiz Kloset while researching content for my blog. The main thing that caught my eye were the SHOES! Kandiiz Kloset boasts a number of unique shoes that every Fashionista will love. I must commend the fact the the C.E.O responds promptly to her clients and is able to provide information such as: price, style and availability. I really LOVE that.  I have chosen a few items to showcase on here. Let me tell you , variety does not adequately describe what Kandiiz Kloset has in store, there are soooo many style options to choose from . These are my favorite things. I will post the link to Kandiiz Kloset below the final picture. Enjoy :-)

 Striped Jacket
                 Military styled jacket                                                           Double button balero jacket

Floral print dress                                      Zebra print bomber jacket

Suede Cutout wedges

 Mary Janes                                      Rihanna wore these :-)

 Patent Leather Mary Janes

See ! Auh mazing stuff right ? as promised ... here is the link!/profile.php?id=100000519193308

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