Tips for Surviving Fashion Night Out ( FNO)

Fashion night out is September 8th . I've always found it sooo ironic that they choose to have this "grand event" around back to school time when everyone should be broke ( good thing i have no kids .. hey hey hey). Anyhoo , i have come up with my own "survival guide to help you guys :-)

1. Pre-shop : Find out the participating stores. It makes no sense to go around like a dog searching for a bone.

2. Get there early! This event goes from 5-10. Most stores will put out their good stuff in the first 3 hours. For this event , the cool people show up early :-)

3. Be agressive. B-E AGRESSIVE! I'm talking about people fighing over clothes. One girl has one pant leg while another pulls the other leg. Tip: If you see something you really like , don't second guess yourself to see whether or not you need it. Once you put it down, it is no longer yours.

4. Shop in groups. Go with your friends. Split up! You will cover more ground that way. You should know each person's style by now and also the essential items each person needs. The lines will be soooo long and unsightly. Also , bring snacks if you can. Yes , there will be "free food" there , but as always the good food will be out in like the first 30 mins

5. Carpool! The first time i went to FNO , i took a taxi ( big mistake). I was stuck in traffic with a complete stranger for hours. eek!

6. Don't be afraid to SPLURGE on a good deal. This event usually has prices slashed from anywhere between 50 -70% off. Crazy deals!

7. BE ALERT! In these huge crowds , you will find pickpockets. This is the time they come out to "work". I usually put the straps of my bag around my neck , that way it is always in front of me. Also , if you have open pockets , pin them down. That way nobody will have access to your pockets.

These are my personal tips on surviving FNO , i really hope i gave you guys some good ideas:-)

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