The T-Shirt

"Who can live without them" I have quite a variety, ranging from Saint Laurent to Gap. I wear them at the beach, at the house, on people's boats, wherever i am. I am cuckoo about my white T-Shirts.
                                                            -Nan Kemper

Taking its name from the shape of the letter "T" , the T-shirt never lies. Its design is derived from mens' underwear. The T-shirt emerged from a world of physical labor. It was worn beneath jackets of 20th century laborers. The T-shirt can be seen as an allegory of globalization , but it is also a metaphor for individual identity. Almost 3 billion of these are sold around the world each year ( that's a whole lot). This is basically a canvas for everyone. It can be printed on, decorated  and designed. It can also be used a manifesto, transmitting witty or even literal messages.

T-shirts are generally worn by both male and female, and can also be dressed up or down. We love T-shirts because of their simplicity and because they are accessible to everyone. They go far beyond self-definition to become a commentary on society itself.  Think of James Dean in "Rebel without a Cause" or Madonna in the 1980s.

 James Dean "Rebel Without A Cause"

Madonna (1980)

I have come up with a few looks to showcase the versatility of the T-Shirt.

 Dressy : Cotton T-shirt with black blazer , Material Girl Floral print skirt , small clutch bag , feather necklace and silver dangle earrings. I would wear this with a closed toe black pumps.

Casual : Lace back t-shirt , apple bottom distressed denim , charlotte russe woven fedora , nude wedges and silver and black chain necklace.

Check out these celebrities making the t-shirt look sooo auh mazing.

Nicole Richie goes Boho chic with her billowy T-shirt.
Usher goes Casually Sexy with his louis vuitton speedy bag and gucci belt

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  1. I take my t-shirt ting serious! Got a few from NY recently.


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