Sweet Treats For your Feet

As women ,we all looooove shoes. There is a saying that goes " if a shoe doesn't hurt .. it is not a hott pair of shoes. Wearing 5 inch heels can take a toll on out feet. Wearing fancy shoes can leave you with unsightly blisters, corns and sores. There are so many new products on the market these days to keep our feet looking and feeling healthy. Some of these are not only for our feet but also for the beautification of our shoes :-)

Cushioned Insoles

These add cushioning  to all shoes even high heels. They are desinged to reduce foot pain , and also has a sticky back which will guarantee that they will always stay in place. These insoles will not show... even in peep toes.


 Heel Guards

These are designed to make shoes fit better and also prevents blisters  and hot spots at the heels. These also come with sticky backs to keep the guards securely in place.

Fast Flats

This product was designed by Dr Scholls for women. They are actually foldable, rollable and of course stylish flats. They are available in three sizes and can be found in the footcare isle at your local pharmacy.These shoes are really comfortable and feel as if you are walking on air.

I am sure there are lots of auh mazing products , but these are my favorite.

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