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Black Opal Creme Stick Foundation :

As I've stated in a previous post , i am not a Black Opal fan. However, these days i find myself trying a lot of their products. Anyway, i recently bought the Black Opal Creme Stick Foundation. I must say , i give this product a 7 out of 10 ( just because i'm not a Black Opal fan. Sometimes we all have something to hide and this product does just that. It gives full coverage with a velvet finish and it has SPF 8. Best of all , it wont clog your pores. I especially love the portability of this product , it is like a big chunky lipstick. Finally , it retails for only $990. You can find this and all Black Opal products at your favorite makeup store : Scensensations , Urban Beauty , Body Accents and so on. Also ! you can find it at your local wholesale ( Clocktower located in Halfway tree .. some of these wholesales take debit cards).

Herbal Cleanser : Organic Root Stimulator

This product is auh mazing! This particular one is lavender scented. I really like that it has a nice girly color :-) This product leaves your hair feeling and smelling clean. It has a really weird "tingle" that is if your scalp is "raised" ( that simply means that you scratched your hair whereby causing your scalp to become "raised". ) The only thing i did not like about this product is that it comes in a liquid form instead of a dry foamy form as the name suggests. I find that it is rather time consuming to section your hair , then use a damp cloth or cotton to remove the excess oil and dirt from your hair. I would have loved for it to be in a foam , where you simply spray in your hands and rub in your hair , then like magic , you have clean fresh hair without a single drop of water touching it. This is also reasonably priced , it retails for only $575 and can be found in most beauty supply stores , high end supermarkets and pharmacies like MegaMart and Monarch Pharmacy.


These views are solely my own , i am not affiliated with Black Opal or Root Stimulator in any way.

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