Pre- Weekend Haul Weekend Haul !

I am such a weird shopper. I hate shopping on weekends. Instead i love shopping midweek like Wednesday and Friday. Today I bought a few items and I've been  finding myself buying a whole Lot of black these days!

Bohemian Sheer Top

I bought this top because i wanted something sheer , but not really all that "see through" and also had that classic look. This top is seemingly simple , but it has sooo many intricate details. It has lace at the front , as well as beads sewn into the lace. There is also a crochet finish at the ends of the fabric.


 Also , i really like the fact that it has a flutter sleeve. It has a generally loose fit.



Necklace 1 : Feather and chain. I have been seeing feather this season alot! I think its really cool. Obviously , feather tends to "frazzle" really quickly , so i would advise that you NOT spend a lot of money on this.

Necklace 2: Chain and marbles ! I was drawn to this like a moth is drawn to a flame I love natural jewellery and this one had a mixture of stone and chain. Cool right? The stones had like little glittery flecks of gold in it. Kinda like that "metallic" vibe.Its really pretty. My camera as always chose to NOT  capture that.



Small simple bracelet. As i said .. i love natural jewellery.  Most of all , i love BLING! This has a combination of both. There are small rhinestones which separate the small black pearls from the pearls. This one also comes with earrings and all for a very small cost.



I saw these and immediately knew that they would go really well with my feather necklace. They have the small chains and they also have the small black stones to finish the particular piece really nicely.

This was a really fun quick trip , because i knew exactly what i wanted and where to find them. " I came i shopped and i conquered" :-)

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