Lets Go BOWling!

I remember wearing hair bows as a young child. I can't remember how i felt but i knew i looked cute :-) Back in those days my mother simply took a satin ribbon and tied it into a bow. That was  back in "those" days. Hair bows are all the rage these days, they appear on babies and even in Gossip Girl :-) It is a great way of adding a touch of class and femininity to your everyday look. The greatest thing is that they are extremely cheap and easy to make.

You will need :
  • Broad Ribbon ( spandex, rayon or satin will work best)
  • Thread
  • Sewing needle or sewing machine
  • Embellishments ( optional)
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Fabric Glue ( if you choose to NOT use a sewing needle of sewing machine)

 These pictures are not actual. I used my own methods. These serve as a mere visual guidelines. Disclaimer : These images are not my own , they are from " A Beautiful Mess".

Step 1 : For the Broad ribbon , you would simple cut your desired length, I'd say about 6 inches. To prevent fraying of the ribbon , simple use a lighter or match to burn along the edges ( do not apply the flame directly to the ribbon , it will burn).

Step 2: Take both ends of the ribbon , and fold directly in the center. If you decide to use glue , apply it directly towards the ends of the ribbon . If you used a needle , simply sew bow ends directly in the center. Make sure you use the same color thread as the fabric. This will give it a "cleaner more professional look".

Step 3: From the centre, singe the longer ends inwards. Then glue or sew those longer ends so that they hold. (This is actually shown in fig. 5 above).

Step 4: Simply apply a smaller piece of ribbon around the center of the bow ( the part that was already singed in). In order for it to hold , you can either sew on glue down that part.( shown in step 6 above)

Step 5: Style and go :-)

The bows shown here are actually made from fabric. The fabric used is a mixture of Rayon and Spandex . Its like 80% Rayon and 20% Spandex. These can be bought at your local Fabric Store

 Neon Pink Hair bow . This is so 80's.

 I really love Leopard , which is why i have one Hair bow twice. To make this particular ribbon "pop" , red fabric was added towards the center :-)

Color Block Hair bow in Black and White :-)
 Metallic Hair bow in Gold:-)
 Black Hair bow

I hope my hair bows inspired you to be creative . If you find that these steps are not as easy as i think , let me know:-)

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