How to wash a Cotton Cardigan

Initially , i wanted to do a "How to post" on "How to wash sweaters and coats , then i realised that hardly anybody wears sweaters or coats in Jamaica. The cardigan is a really light , fun , cool, casual/ dressy type of sweater , and everybody wears them. So here are tips on how to properly wash your cardigan.

You will need :

  • Laundry Detergent
  • Washing Machine

Machine Wash :

On the Temperature setting select  "cold ". Warm water will cause shrinkage , because of the cotton material. Also , make sure that you wash your cardigan with like colors and also like materials. Remember, each material require a different setting , so please spend time to stratigize your laundry. Finally , from you general settings , select " Delicate or Casual". Cotton is a relatively light weight material so it will not need a high setting.

Hand wash :

Treat areas with stains. I know this sounds fancy and expensive , but its really not. In a previous post , i spoke about certain tricks we Jamaicans use to keep our whites white. This is just the same. For the armpits and neckline , lather those areas with "cake soap" and let soak for 30 seconds. If there are stains, a diluted solution of Hydrogen Peroxide can be added to those areas. After you have treated your garment , simply wash for about a minute. DO NOT USE A WASHING BRUSH! This will ruin your cardigan. No Washing Brushes!

Drying :

Air dry your cardigan! Remember heat will cause shrinkage , so try to keep your cardigan away from the dryer unless there is an extreme circumstance. Try not to wring your garment too much. Cotton is a material that tends to get worn out quite easily. Sometimes when we wring cotton , it tends to lessen the life of that particular garment. Nobody wants to walk around wearing a worn out cardigan.

Properly washing your Cardigan is a lot easier that you thought.

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