Hanging On : Types of Hangers and Their usage

Believe it or not , hangers are like accessories for our clothing. Like accessories , there are various types of hangers and they all have their function. Here in Jamaica , we tend to generalize hangers. Unless you work in retail or in fashion and entertainment, most Jamaicans view  hangers as just " hangers". They do what they need to do , which is just for hanging clothes. As always , i am here to help you hang your clothing properly , by selecting the correct hangers.

  • Plastic Hangers : These can come in a variety of colours. These are generally used to hang dresses, shirts and blouses. The plastic hanger is deemed " the all purpose hanger". 

  •  Wire Hanger : Wire Hangerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!These are used to hang clothing that are made of heavier materials such as linen and even coats. This is simply because these hangers tend to rust quite easily , and this rust will obviously get on your clothing. Those heavier materials makes it harder for the rust to penetrate through them.

Tubular Hanger: These are the hangers that are in everybody's house. They are the least expensive. These are quite similar to the plastic hanger ( it is plastic) and it is used to hang a variety of clothing.

 Pants/Skirt Hanger :  These are Tubular shaped hangers with metallic clips attached in the middle. As the name suggests , these hangers are used to hang pants and skirts.

Padded Hanger : Used for hanging delicate materials such as silk and also the sheer materials.

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