Hairdresser Tips : How to have the Best Salon Results

  • Make an appointment! Call in advance to see if your hairstylist will be available on the particular day you are looking to go in. Please note : calling 5 minutes before when you wanna go in is not an appointment. Whether or not the person has been doing your hair since you were 13,I'm sure she has other clients. The main reason for calling in the first place is to secure your "time". Remember , most hair dressers go on a "first come first come basis".
  • Be courteous to EVERYONE in the salon. Having an unpleasant vibe will result in unpleasant behavior from other people in the salon. Bare in mind , it is a place filled with women. We all know how catty we can be at times . rrrrrrrr
  • Know that you want : Hairdressers are not psychic! Generally , they cannot forsee what you want, neither can they "dream up" your perfect hairstyle. It helps if you  know what you want before hand. Take a picture with you if you can.
  • Examine your hairstyle to make sure it is exactly what YOU want. Make sure nothing is showing , your hair color is the right color and so on.
  • Always walk with extra cash! Sometimes , when we have a particular hairstyle in mind , we come across something else and have a change of heart. The new style may cost more than your original hairstyle. Also , remember its a salon filled with women , word travels fast. Nobody wants to be remembered as "the girl who couldn't afford to pay her hairdresser".
  • TIP!: In Jamaica , we don't practice this a lot. Even if its $100. I always try to tip my hairdresser . Remember , this person has been on her feet all day making you look pretty.
If you follow these tips , i guarantee that you will have the best experience at your salon.

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