Hair Today : Decoding the best hairstyle for your face :-)

The way we wear our hair can have a major effect on our face. Just like with hairstyles , there are different face shapes. Each season , there are major hair trends , however , not because a particular hairstyle is popular , that doesn't mean it is right for you. As always , i am here to help you choose not only the most fashionable hairstyle , but also the one that is best suited for you.

Firstly , know your face shape : This can simply be done by using lipstick or any form of marker type thing to trace an outline of your face in your mirror. That way, your face shape will be visible to you. No second guessing here :-) The major face shapes are as follows :


This is considered the ideal shape in the beauty and cosmetics world. The main reason for this is because of its proportions. The oval face is roughly 60% longer from chin to hairline than cheek to cheek. This figure is cited based on the ratio of what is known as " the Perfect Proportion. People who have this specific face shape can virtually wear any and every hairstyle. Actresses such as Halle Berry and Eva Mendez are some popular examples.



The square face is characterized by strong angles at the jaw and forehead. This particular shape is easier to spot . Dealing with a square face means that you should work with styles that features curves at the forehead and jawline with some volumes on top and the sides to soften the angles of the face. Longer hairstyles should be worn with waves that will frame the face without emphasizing the boxiness of the face. Famous Actresses : Debra Messing and Paris Hilton.



This face shape tends to come with a pointy chin and usually a fuller forehead. Focus on drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones. If you decide to go with long hair, make sure you add a sleek full bang or side bang. Long wavy hair will also work. The waves will add volume , making the face look fuller , seeing that the sides of the face is really narrow. Celebrities : Rihanna and Reese Witherspoon.



A round face will be as the name suggests " round". This is the least desirable shape because it is usually associated with excess weight , however , this is not always the case. It is 60% longer vertically than horizontally and has rounded lines at the forehead and jaw areas. People with this shape should wear their hair longer than the chin, and also long layers cut in the hair. The main goal here is to deflect the roundness of the face. If you choose to do waves or curls , make sure they are small and tight. Famous Actresses : Julia Stiles and Kate Hudson.


Inside Tip : It would be really great to have an  HONEST hairstylist that will tell you what works with your particular face shape.

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