Hair Etiquette

I think its high time for me to talk about HAIR ETIQUETTE. I’m Jamaican. I live in a predominantely black society. As we all know most black women wear hair weave.

A hair weave is a very general term used to describe human or artificial hair used to alter one’s natural hair appearance by adding additional hair to one’s natural hair. A womans’ hair is often seen as a symbol of her beauty and personality. As Black women we are able to “swtich” races depending on the type of weave we buy. One month we may be Ms Swan from North Korea … the next month we may even be Priyah from India lol.


With that said , there are certain rules as it relates to black hair.

1. It is NEVER ok to touch , pull ,pat or stroke a black person’s hair without their permission. A fresh hairdo is not an invitation to “frolic” in my hair. Thats just rude and also weird, are you some kind of perv? I’m not touching your hair or any other thing on your body. Its quite simple really “Look but don’t touch”.

2. Under no circumstances is it ok to ask me if my hair is real … What do you think? Did you see me with that hair last month? I’m not a genie nor am i Ken Paves .. im not able to make my hair “magically” grow.

3. If there is an event or ocassion where water is involved … don’t expect me to go. Remember .. it is not my hair! Water is therefore my greatest enemy.

4. Do not make back handed comments where my hair is involved. For example “ I love your weave , where did you get it? or “I love that lace front wig. WIG ! WIG! WIG! WIG! I’m not saying its a secret that i’m wearing a weave .. im not ashamed. But why must you put me on blast! Its not like i said to you ” Jeez , i love your fake Coach bag , did you buy it on the street ? or OMG! i really love your fake  Jordans” . Lets be civilized. (this has never happened to me .. if it did i’m sure i’d have a really wonderful comeback :-)

5. It is mine because i have paid for it. I have my receipt. # Enough said#

6. Don’t assume that just because i wear a weave i have no hair on my head. Thats just crazy. What if i like wearing a weave? Did you ever think about that.

7. Guys … never expect a Black woman to go to bed without her head scarf. Hair is very expensive. We have to find ways to preserve it. Its bad enough you made us sweat the perm out at the front , the least you can do is allow us to wear the  head scarf. Its not that bad .. really. Simply turn around if you think we look crazy with it on. Chances are , we’re doing this so you can be proud to walk with us in the daylight. Its a win- win situation.

Gone are the days when women would shy away from talking about their hair, especially whether its real or not. Women today are more open and aware about the different types of hair that are available to them. However, with all this talk of openess and liberation , it is still a smart idea to use your discretion. Remember not all women are the same , some are really defensive and may even resort to forms of violence if you touch their hair etc …lol ( its true).


#thats all#


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